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We as C.r.e.a Cosmetic Solutions is a Turkish Cosmetic Company established on a 45 years of experience prior company called Aromel Kozmetik. This Company was the second leading manufacturing company in Turkey. Our experience includes a joint venture with Schwarzkopf Germany between 1988 – 1999. During this 11 years time of joint venture we had the chance to manufacture and distribute Taft Hair Spray, Kaloderma Crème, Opilca depilatory, including Bac deodorants under the license of Schwarzkopf Germany. In 2006 we had decided to sell our Aromel Kozmetik brands to Evyap Group which is one of the leading Cosmetic manufacturer in Turkey, and started to continue our business with our knowledge and experience under the name of C.r.e.a Cosmetic Solution; established on a premises of 3.500 square meters closed and 10.000 square meters of open area. In a short time, we became a medium sized and boutique manufacturer of the aerosol and perfume products with our own and Private Label Branded Products. At the moment we export to 32 countries (The Netherlands, Germany, France, Portuguese, Russian Federation, Latvia, Bulgaria, Bosnia Hercegovina, Macedonia, Egypt, Hungary, United Kingdom, Nepal, Pakistan, Kuwait, Angola, Tunisia, Suriname… all over the world and counting For our Private Label references, we kindly ask you to get in contact with us. Quality management certificate ISO 9001:2008 and GMP requirements has been fulfilled from our side with success. Besides we successfully fulfilled also our responsibility and registration in the regulation of REACH and Responsible Person. Our Vision; …to continue serving our worldwide clients and customers by producing high quality products. Our Mission …our main aim is to continue our business in a good and trustworthy company environment where we ensure that we are respectful to our clients / customers, employees and to the nature and society.

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